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    Company information:

    Förde Reederei Seetouristik Iberia S.L.U., with address at c/ La Línea de la Concepción, 3, 11380 Tarifa - Cádiz (Spain) and VAT . B61873519 (Tax ID), and registered in the Commercial  Register of Cádiz in volume: 1393, Folio: 121, Page: CA 18,790, is the owner of domain  (Registration: 15/A Date: 31/01/2008).

    Förde Reederei Seetouristik ESPAÑA S.L.U., with address at c/ La Línea de la Concepción, 3, 11380 Tarifa - Cádiz (España) and VAT . B72353295, and registered  in the Commercial  Register of Cadiz in volume: 2.276 ,  Folio: 52, Page: CA 53.316,

    Förde Reederei Seetouristik CAnarias S.L.U., with address at c/ La Línea de la Concepción, 3, 11380 Tarifa - Cádiz (España) and VAT. B72353618, and registered  in the Commercial  Register of Cadiz in volume: 2.276,  Folio: 191, Page: CA 53.347.

    Ferrys Rápidos del Sur, S.L.U., with address at C/La Línea de la Concepción, 3, 11380 Tarifa/Cádiz (Spain) and VAT. B11529823 (Tax ID) and registered in the Trade Register of Cádiz in volume: 1478, Folio: 217, Page: 21.265. C.I.A.N 11669-3 


    Further information:

    Telephone +34 956 68 18 30

    Fax: +34 956 62 71 80



    Provision of services:

    The services available on the website will be provided by the following companies:

    Förde Reederei Seetouristik Iberia S.L.U.: Passenger and vehicle ferry transportation.

    Ferrys Rapidos del Sur, S.L.U.: Organised excursions.

    Förde Reederei Seetouristik CAnarias S.L.U. Passenger and vehicle ferry transportation.

    Förde Reederei Seetouristik España S.L.U. Passenger and vehicle ferry transportation.

    Amendments and updating of the website

    The content of is subject to the rights of industrial and intellectual property of FRS or of owners of it who have duly authorised its inclusion on  

    With the exception of the rights over products and services that are not the property of FRS, whose brands are registered to the benefit of their respective owners and are recognised as such by FRS.  

    It is necessary to have FRS’s prior consent in writing to reproduce, copy or publish the content of 

    FRS has the facility to modify or suspend access to the content of when they see fit and without prior notice. 

    FRS does not undertake that the content of will be updated immediately.


    Links: contains links to other websites with regard to which FRS has no control and the content and availability for which they do not take responsibility. The user takes exclusive responsibility for harm or damage, as well as any loss of data that might result from these links, the downloading of material content from or the use of services contained on it. 


    Cancellation and reservations policy: 

    Through this link you can find the admin charges policy applicable from 1 January 2015 for tourist products. 



    By way of guaranteeing your personal data protection FRS , in their capacity of file manager, notifies you of their privacy policy:

    In accordance with EU REGULATION 2016/679 OF THE PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL OF EUROPE OF 27 April 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with respect to personal data processing and the free circulation of this data and by which is repealed Directive 95/46/CE (General data protection regulation), (FRS) whose address is Polígono Industrial de la Vega, c/ La Línea de la Concepción, 3 – 11380 Tarifa, Cádiz (Spain) advises you that the personal data gathered through the web will be subject to processing for the following purposes: 

    Tourist package reservation management

    Enabling the provision and performance of the sea transport service through the issue of the appropriate boarding cards and the sending of information relating to it. 

    Sending advertising related to the services as well as for subscription to our newsletter with the aim of keeping you informed about our offers and news that might be of interest. Similarly, the data will be used for any marketing campaigns on social networks and also for draws and awarding prizes.  


    The legal bases that legitimise the personal data processing are: 

    The fulfilment of a contract and/or commercial relationship

    The informed consent that you grant us expressly, freely and unequivocally on accepting this LEGAL NOTICE and the PRIVACY POLICY contained in it when you send us the appropriate form. 

    For compliance with the various legal obligations that FRS is obliged to meet  

    For legitimate interest deriving from all types of safety motives, improving our services, managing your information requests, claims and fraud management.  


    The data that we request, both your own and that of people accompanying you on the trip, are adequate, relevant and strictly necessary to achieve the ends described. Any online reservation will be confirmed automatically by email. You can request a full summary of your online reservations stored in the system. You have the right to withdraw the consent at any time, without it affecting the legality of the processing based on the consent prior to its withdrawal. We also guarantee the authenticity, accuracy and veracity of all the information provided to us, undertaking to keep the data you supply to us up to date so that at any time it reflects the actual situation. You will therefore be solely responsible for false or inaccurate statements and for any damage that these might cause. 

    We will conserve the data while there is a contractual or commercial relationship with you, or while you do not exercise your right to deletion, cancellation and/or restriction of the data processing. Once this conservation period has elapsed, FRS will remove, destroy, block or give your personal data a pseudonym. In the case of blocking, your information will always be kept without giving it any use or carrying out any processing, as this information may be useful for processing complaints or some type of judicial, legal or contractual responsibility might arise from its processing that must be addressed and for which reason it may be necessary to recover it. 


    Assignment of data:


    The data that is provided to us may be assigned to Ferrys Rápidos del Sur, S.L.U. for provision of the above-mentioned services.

    Users are also advised that their data will be transferred to the company The Rocket Science Group, LLC solely for the provision of the newsletter via MailChimp.

    If you are amember of a large family, military or resident in Ceuta, your data may be forwarded to the competent authorities for the purposes of managing the appropriate allowances.  

    Your personal data will be made available to the competent Spanish authorities, independent of whether the transport is carried out interchangeably to or from Ceuta, Melilla or any other point of Spanish territory. In the event of participating in excursions to Moroccan territory, the data may be transferred to the local authorities in that country. 

    If you reserve a trip with us, we will ask your name, gender, address and other contact details and password. The law obliges us to send the port authorities a list of all passengers and vehicles on board. For this we need the gender, nationality, date of birth and ID document of each passenger.   

    If you pay with a credit card, the data will be encoded and will be transferred to our payment partners. Any personal data about you will only be used internally within the FRS group and will not be assigned to third party companies and bodies apart from those expressed here. 

    We are advising you that your personal data will be transferred to the insurance company MAPFRE for the purposes of managing the travel assistance cover that our company offers when contracting our services. 

    General Travel Assistance Insurance 

    Summary of Basic Assistance Policy

    Finally, if you send us a CV for a job application, this will go on to become part of a file the owners of which will be FRS. The purpose of the file is the selection of personnel and when you send us this information spontaneously you are giving your express consent for your data to be available in future personnel recruitment, contracting or selection processes. In addition, this data will be transferred to Ferrys Rapidos del Sur, S.L.U. for the same purpose.


    Exercise of rights:

    You will be able to exercise the rights of access, rectification or deletion, processing restrictions, cancellation or objection, as well as your right to portability, at FRS, Polígono Industrial de la Vega, c/ Línea de la Concepción, nº 3, 11380 – Tarifa (CÁDIZ) and through our DATA PROTECTION OFFICER at the email address: Equally, you will have the right to present a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, either through the electronic headquarters of their web portal (, or by writing to them at their postal address (c/ Jorge Juan, 6, 28001 - Madrid). Exercising your rights provided for in the Personal Data Protection legislation may be done in Spanish, French, English or German.  


    Security measures:

    With the purpose of safeguarding the security of your personal data, we are notifying you that the FRS has adopted all measures of a technical and organisational nature necessary for guaranteeing the IT safety of the personal data supplied, including among other things:  


    1) The giving of a pseudonym and encryption of personal data when appropriate 

    2) The ability to guarantee the confidentiality, completeness, availability and permanent resilience of the processing systems and services.

    3) The ability to restore availability and access to personal data rapidly, in the event of a physical or technical incident.  

    4) A regular checking, assessment and evaluation process of the efficiency of technical and organisation measures in guaranteeing the security of processing.



    Cookies Policy

    Use of cookies

    The website uses cookies that are stored on the User's computer. Cookies are small files that our server sends to the User's, but do not give us any information regarding either their name or any other personal data. The cookies we use cannot read data from the User's computer or read cookies that exist on your computer. When the User browses the Website, the server where it is hosted automatically recognizes the IP address of your computer, the date and time when the visit begins and ends, as well as information regarding the different sections visited. It is necessary for the server to know this information in order to communicate and send the request and so that through the browser you can view the Website on your screen. 

    FRS uses the following types of cookies:

    Analytic: provided by third parties (e.g. Google Analytics). They allow us to better understand the behaviour of visitors to the page, always in aggregate form - never individually for each user. We use this information to better design our website and understand what products and features are most useful for our customers.

    Marketing: provided by third parties (e.g. Google Adwords) so that FRS can provide, in the content network of third parties, our own advertisements to visitors who have already visited our site.

    Temporary cookies: we will store the users' search data for 48 hs, in order to provide a quicker, simpler booking service.

    Social networks: provided by third parties (social networks like Facebook) to integrate their social features into our website.

    External component: FRS uses external components for operation of the website (for example, comments, sharing information with social contacts etc.). Some of these components may use cookies.


    How to manage Cookies on your computer


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    We attach some links where you can check/configure privacy options: 



    Internet Explorer: 

    Safari: Edición > Preferencias > Privacidad > Bloquear cookies (siempre). 

    Users can revoke their consent to the use of cookies on their browser through the settings, as well as through third party links. If you do not want Google Analytics to collect and use information, you can install an "opt-out" system in your web browser: 

    You should be aware that some features of the contents of the website are only available if the installation of cookies on your browser is allowed. If you choose not to accept or to block certain cookies (depending on their purpose), it may affect, in whole or in part, the normal operation of the website or prevent access to certain services of the same. 


    Updates and Changes in the Cookies Policy: 

    FRS can modify this Cookies Policy according to new legislative or regulatory requirements, or in order to adapt the policy to the instructions dictated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.